Download EVie’s Freebike app

How it works

1. DOWNLOAD EVie’s Freebike app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and register.

2. FIND an available bike near you using the map in EVie’s Freebike app. Go to the bike.

3. RENT the nearby EVieBike by opening the app and scanning the QR code you’ll find on the battery beneath the seat. Press ‘Rent Bike’ in the app. Squeeze either brake lever twice, quickly.

4. PARK your bike at an EVieBike virtual station using the app map (Free) or park elsewhere (£2 charge).

5. PAUSE rental (so you can keep the bike while you get your coffee or have your meeting) by pressing the Pause button in EVie’s Freebike app and squeezing the brake lever twice quickly.

6. END the rental using EVie’s Freebike app and squeezing the brake lever twice quickly.

Watch 'How to' videos

Locate a bike

Meet your bike

Travel at speeds of up to 15 mph

75 mile battery range

Easy to use ‘tap and go’ system

Advanced locking system, allowing for smart, ultra fast rental, enforceable geofencing and unrivalled protection against theft and vandalism

Fitted with GPS tracking

Contributes to the necessary decline in C02 emissions by reducing the number of cars on the road.

Made from 98% recycled materials

Yellow Zone Rehoming fee: £5 if you end your ride in a yellow zone. Please note, it is not allowed to end your rental in a yellow zone and if you leave it in one you will be charged the rehiring fee and continue to be charged on your selected tariff until we can move it.

Out of Station fees: £2.00 if you end your ride outside a parking zone shown on your app.

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