Improvements to our EVieBike pricing


Some people have had problems with the billing system we use. We’re sorry for that, and we’re going to fix it, starting today.

We have ditched the half and full day tariffs as they were the ones that were causing all the problems. Instead, we are introducing a revised Pay As You Go tariff, providing the same great value which are equivalent to the old half day and full day packages. To get there we have constructed a tiered PAYG schedule that works like this.

  • First 2 hours: £1 / 10 mins (same as before)
  • Hours 3-6 are FREE
  • Hours 6-12: 20p / 10 mins
  • Pausing: 3p / min
  • Out of station return: £3

Example rentals with our new PAYG tariff

  • 45 min rental: £4.50 (this is the average single ride duration)
  • 6h rental: £12
  • 12h rental: £19.20
  • 90 min rental with a 15 min pause: £9.45
  • 6h rental with a 30 min pause: £12.90
  • 12h rental with a 2h pause: £15.60

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