Park ‘n’ Ride with EVie

Whether you’re trying to do your little bit to help the environment, want to squeeze some physical activity into a busy day or – like most of us – fed up of paying for parking (let alone finding a parking space), we have a solution for you.

During the shoulder months, there is an abundance of free and half-price parking within a short cycle to town – weather-permitting.

Each day, we are delivering plenty of EVieBikes to these parking spots, so that you can take advantage of this discounted parking and then grab an EVie the rest of the way!


Parking in St. Helier costs 87p per hour, or £7.83 per day (8am – 5pm).

A 10 minute EVieBike journey from your car to central St. Helier will cost just £1. That’s a £2 return trip vs. £7.83 parking per day. That’s a saving of £5.83 per day. In other words, you could save at least £126 per month on parking – let alone fuel.

And that’s just the financial benefit. You’ll also be shaving around 132g from your carbon footprint for every kilometre you swap-out four wheels for two.


Here’s a useful map to help you plan your trip to work.
Blue – Free parking until March 31st
Orange – Half-price parking all year
Green – Commuter EVieBike stations

Always check the EVieBike app for available bikes at your nearest station. Due to demand, some stations may run out of bikes during busy periods. We do our very best to ensure the continuous availability of EVieBikes at popular stations throughout the day.

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