#EVieWarrior helping Jersey Healthcare workers


Update on the #EVieWarrior Healthcare workers free EVieBike scheme.


At the beginning of Lockdown we were delighted to offer EVieBikes free to healthcare workers. We now have over 350 people who have been given free use of EVieBikes.

We are delighted to confirm we will extend the programme for existing users until the end of June, at which point we shall close the programme.


In response to COVID-19 we are providing 50 of our EVie electric bikes for use free of charge to nurses, doctors and Jersey Healthcare staff registered as essential workers.

Our fully electric, long range bike can shorten commute time for staff living locally and help them in some small way at this difficult time.

While we are all social distancing, our key healthcare workers are giving everything.

If you would like to support our initiative please donate below.

Are you a healthcare worker who wants to utilise an EVieBike for free during COVID-19?

Register here

Then, download the EVieBike app here. Once approved, we will send you a login for the app.

How it all started

We launched our #EVieWarriors campaign after receiving stories from Islanders who were using our EVieBikes to support those in isolation across the Island.

For instance, we received a tweet from Carly Glover, CEO of Jersey Cares, asking for support. Carly doesn’t drive a car and wanted to borrow an electric bike to avoid using public transport and still get all over the Island. We’ve had many similar stories. Liz Lewry, a community nurse dealing with #COVID-19 emailed us asking “can I get a voucher to use the bikes for my health and well-being and to get to and from the hospital?”. We have now given both Carly and Liz free use of EVieBikes.

#EVieWarriors has grown from responding to individual requests to a point where we want to provide 50 EVieBikes, free, to healthcare workers who can provide proof of their essential worker status.

We are asking you to help us support our front line & help get them to and from work everyday safely, quickly and at no expense.

How you can help! 

Since we launched the EVieBike scheme in Jersey a week ago, we have quickly pivoted to help provide support to those who are on the front line of the Island’s efforts to mitigate the impact of the virus.

We can provide the EVieBikes, infrastructure and staff and will be covering our fixed and asset costs. However, as a small local start up in its first days of operations, we lack the resources to fund the operational overheads of this project at the same time as providing the service free of charge to health, care and support workers. So, we need your help. We are asking members of the public to help fund the day to day running costs of this project, so health and care staff can ride for free.

The overhead cost to provide this service is £150 per bike per month or £5 per bike per day. Our goal is to get 50 electric bikes to health and care staff for 1 month which has a total cost of £7,500. If we raise more we can extend the free rental period and provide more care workers with EVieBikes. We can both increase the number of bikes available and ensure free usage for care workers for an additional two months. Should it be required we can have a further 40 EVieBikes allocated to the programme within 10 days.

We can get through #COVID-19 together but while we are social distancing, our health and care workers are giving everything. All donations received will only be used to ensure no health or care worker pays.

Please donate & help get them to and from work everyday safely, quickly and at no expense.